Who is Prosperity Partner Media?

Prosperity Partner Media was started by entrepreneur Bruce Lawrence at the turn-of-the-century in 2000. Observing how the marketing landscape was changing Bruce realized that the small to medium size company was going to be left behind. At the same time the Internet had finally been accepted by the consumer and Fortune 500 companies. The one thing the big companies didn’t realize was how the Internet would become the great equalizer for the small to medium-size business. Even though Bruce had made quite a name for himself as a large corporate consultant and worked with some of the top Fortune 50 and 500 companies in the world he didn’t feel any personal fulfillment in in his role. This truly became the catalyst for Bruce to transition from helping mega-corporations to small and medium-size businesses.

Why Do This?

Bruce set out to create a marketing and consulting company that specialized in the new Internet and social media. The goal was to offer powerful high-end consulting, marketing, web development, programming, mobile websites and mobile applications (Apps) to the types of businesses that could really benefit and appreciate his counsel. Now, more than 12 years later prosperity partner media continues to thrive by offering services that in the past only large corporations could afford. Our founding goal has never changed … Help small businesses succeed in an ever-changing technology driven world.