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Video content has superpowers!!! As a branding tool, as an education tool, as a communication tool … video has a lot of advantages compared to other content marketing forms and it’s time to start using it for your business.

Video as The Ultimate Communication Medium

It’s well-known fact that a picture is worth a thousand words. But the value of video is estimated to be worth more than 60 photos. Though photos have the ability to capture the moment, they don’t capture the movement. Video does all that, and with all its powerful effect it can shift us in time and space. The other benefit of video compared to the picture is the existence of the sound. The voice can reveal you a lot more than just simple words one is producing. It can convey emotion, the  level of excitement speaker is experiencing, its inner state of being.

Video Has A Huge Impact On Search Engine Optimization

Video is the one of the most popular content formats on the Internet. ReelSEO stats show that  people are 41% more likely to open a video link than the plain-text counterpart. Google delivers search results that are relevant and popular. The popularity and the importance of video content are reviled by the fact that Google and the other search engines are displaying videos on the first page of results. All these search engines are trying to keep in touch with their consumer’s wishes, and the latest trends, so what more proof do we need of the importance of video content in the digital market.

Making a successful Video SEO Strategy is about attracting visitors with your video and making them stay on your website, and converting them into your regular visitors. It’s important to know what to keep in mind if you want your video content to drive more search traffic to your website.

People are 41% more likely to open a #video link than the plain-text counterpart

Video Represents A Mix Of Different Elements

A professionally produced video accounts for a number of elements which makes it so effective type of content form: the outline, the script, the recording of images, the audio track and graphic and textual elements. Though producing all of these elements may take a lot of effort, the investment could pay off, and you will eventually get a lot more than a simple video. Video content represents a powerful mixture of all kind of content, and all of those can effect on human behavior individually and combined.

Video Content Provides Immediacy and Emotional Connection

Video creates immediacy and emotional connection. When we speak about the term immediacy regarding video content we speak about the power that lies behind Reality Programming. The popularity of various forms of live and fact-based TV, news, sports, talk shows, and reality television shows like documentaries cooking shows is only increasing. The scientific explanation for this is that the brain finds them more trustworthy. Videos with a sense of immediacy enhance factual believability and urgency. Video also affect emotions. The power of video to drive an emotional response is especially used in Cinematography. That is why movies and dramatic series are so popular.


The fifth great power of video is that it creates more memorable impression compare to the other types of content. The explanation lays in the fact that most videos combine three learning modalities: Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic. The visual aspect of video content combines charts, diagrams, animation and other graphic elements which can help you describe your idea. As for Kinesthetic modality, its influence can be seen in the cinematic video, as it successfully engages viewers, and makes them react as well. Viewers respond just by seeing the faces of other human beings, in this case, the actors. Those three factors mixed together make your video very powerful and memorable tool.

Video Provides Interactivity

Video content provides plenty opportunities for interactivity. For example, using what YouTube calls annotations and cards, you can drive users to another web page on your site, promote another piece of content, or send them to your social media channels. Some playlists can guide viewers to the next video you want them to consume which can serve you as a great marketing tool. A similar option is widget option, which takes in a user created a playlist and displays them in a different manner. There are some technologies when viewers are allowed to view a portion of the video and then must enter an e-mail address in order to watch the whole video. That gives you the chance to get more info about you user and afterwards send them more of your promotional material.


Linearity goes for the necessity to consume video continuously to understand the meaning of the content. You must watch the content till the end. It’s not enough to watch the whole video to find out the meaning, the viewer needs to pay a full attention to it. That is how you build a deeper connection with your potential customers. Besides building a stronger connection with your customers, linearity can improve SEO on your web page. Google tracks the time users spend on a web page. This metric, called “dwell time,” is a signal to Google of how interesting that page is to visitors. The metric, called “dwell time,” shows Google if the page is interesting for the viewer. Longer dwell time equals higher ranking of your web page. As viewing a video content on a website takes time, video has the ability to keep viewers stay longer on the page.

Once you have decided to tailor your video content make sure all the video content superpowers are being used properly, and you will make your viewers stay longer on your website, and make them come back for more.

Research and data courtesy of: www.brid.tv

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